A Diverse Suite of Services

At Trade Up we offer a wide array of services aimed at meeting the needs of financial companies of all types. With smart tech and even smarter people, we help our clients expand their reach and increase revenue, while enhancing the speed, reliability and efficiency of their entire operation.

  • Finance
  • Liquidity Provision
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Content Optimization
  • Business Strategy

A World of Experience

Our international team has decades of real-world experience assisting businesses in the financial arena to achieve their goals. From the integration of advanced, automated systems to the creation of effective lead generation campaigns, the Trade Up team has a proven track record of providing first class service that will boost performance.

A Wealth of Knowledge Our team members come from multiple disciplines with a vast store of technical understanding and industry knowledge that enables us to drive innovation in the financial arena and deliver exceptional results.

Liquidity Provision

Liquidity is used to describe the level of activity taking place in the financial market. The more frequently something is traded the higher its liquidity. Liquidity provider enables global market access, enabling institutions to realise their revenue potential through multi-asset liquidity provision by using industrial grade components and in-house technology allowing you to link directly with your clients’ servers and systems:

  • Dedicated Liquidity
  • Sculpted Liquidity
  • Deep Liquidity


Essential part of day-to-day business is keeping record of business activity. One of the ways how to do that is by focusing on financial reporting of factors that influence decision making, operational control and managerial planning to accomplish your company's administrative goals. As part of our financial administration services, we are also providing private equity and project finance services, with all auxiliary services designated to raising finance for the activities developed by our clients.

  • Financial analysis
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Accounting and financial administration
  • Statutory audits

Business strategy consulting services

We help our clients think big and deliver even bigger in the digital age. Bringing the know-how, technology, and scale to think and deliver big on your company’s greatest strengths and turning vision into reality. We’ll work alongside you as we develop:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Organic growth
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Shareholder value strategy
  • Strategic planning